Ficus Bonsai Plant


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About the Ficus Bonsai Plant


The Ficus Bonsai, commonly known as the Weeping Fig or Ficus Tree is a beautiful houseplant which is loved by numerous plant parents. It has a unique curved trunk with dark green, oval leaves making it a brilliant centre piece for your living room or side table. Plant them in shallow but wide pots to show if its magnificent stem and roots.

Lights, Water, Action


☀️ Light Bright indirect sunlight
💧 Watering Water once a week
🚪 Where to grow Bright indoors
🌡️ Maintenace Low maintenance
🚿 Special feature Air purifying

Common Problems


1. Why are my Ficus leaves drooping?

Wrong watering schedule or improper light can cause drooping of leaves. Try changing the watering schedule of your plant and also change the position of the plant, move it to a brighter spot.

2. Why are my Ficus leaves curling?

Both under watering and overwatering can cause curling and yellowing of leaves. Fix your watering schedule to correct this problem.

3. Why are my Ficus leaves turning brown and shedding?

If your Ficus is receiving insufficient water the leaves will start turning brown and eventually fall off. Water your ficus more often to prevent browning of leaves.

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